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FT Slinger

Character-Fish-Sticks....awesome! Nice flying!

As far as the movie went, I wish they would have had a real plot. There were still tons more airplanes they could have used for their characters...to me it was as if the writers never attended a race at Reno. There are tons of characters at that race!

Very cool build, keep them coming!


P.S. If Disney wanted to do this right, they should have sampled some sounds from air races like these:
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What prop does Josh have on that 35-36A prop drive? 8x8 still? 3S was it? Awesome speed. Looking forward to the build video also.
And of course, more painting videos are always very welcome! Thanks, guys.


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BTW: Always wondered where the nice music came from, just found out it it is made by Michael, thumbs up to Michael!


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Speed Build Kit Please! My building skills are not that great, and I need all the help I can get!!!

Also, hopefully a Dusty plane will be in the future as well!

Great job as always, video, flying, and of course your imagination is great!
Again...what a brilliant plane!

I have the feeling that I'm gonna be in the minority saying this however. I say keep it just as plans and not a speed build kit. It would be an exclusive model for people to build, kinda like a limited edition. It would also be incentive for people to work on their scratch building....go through all the designs and then finally be able to build this one at the end of it all.

It could also keep ya out of legal issues with Disney as well. (I'm not a lawyer, just don't want to see FliteTest getting a cease and desist letter)

Again....wonderful plane and you guys/gals are great!!!
I would love to see this plane in a kit.

Perhaps you could market the FT SLINGER as a P-51.

According to http://worldofcarsdrivein.wikia.com/wiki/Ripslinger

Ripslinger is based on the Racing Mustang "Precious metal" which is a modified North American P-51D Mustang fighter with clipped wings and contra rotating propellers. He differs in having two bladed props instead of "Precious metal" three bladed props.
If this came with the "planes" portion like the eyes and cowls i would definitely buy one! My niece would not know what to do she would be so excited!!!