FT Flyer V2 plans?


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Looking to build an FT Flyer for my son to practice with and possibly enter in combat at FF this year (it'll be his first combat). These things fly great and are easy to build/repair. I remember not to long ago FT did a redesign of the Flyer and Nutball. Are plans available for these? I don't see the v2 on the FTCA website or on the Sponz plan index. Are the changes made even worth it or should I just build the v1 that is on the Sponz index?

EDIT: Upon further review, it appears the only changes that were made were to allow the use of the mini power pod for the A and F motors. I am wanting to use an old school 24 gram motor with an 8045 prop. So I will be sticking with the v1 plans.
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