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FT Spitfire looks so muche better painted!


Just someone else.
Got my second spitfire finished up and painted and such...Really looks great in the air!

The paint scheme is based on one of my Dad's old control line planes that is rotting away in the basement. The markings may not be to scale, are not correct for this version of the spitfire, but they are mostly the same as my dad's old plane.

Instead of sOnm, I put snOm...I just like the way "snom" sounds. I also still need to put yellow on the leading edges.


Just someone else.
I don't have any in progress pictures, but...
After building the airframe, I min-waxed the airframe.
The bottom was then spray painted a light blue.
Then I masked off the blue and spray painted the grey base color, let it dry for a couple days and then added the green.
Next I masked for the white band and sprayed the white.
All of the roundels are printed on my inkjet on plain paper, then cut out, sprayed with super77 and applied, same with the tail flag.
Then SN M i cut a stencil out of poster board and the spray painted white.
The pk312 was also a stencil, but i cheated and used a new sharpie marker.

The canopy is poster board covered with monokote sticker film.

The exhaust headers are drinking straws cut at 45degrees on one end, 90 on the other. On a piece of poster board, I ran a healthy bead of hot glue and stuck the straw pieces in to the glue, let it cool, cut out the headers and sprayed them black. Then i glue them to the airframe.

It was done quickly and not accurately. But for me...it's good enough.