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FT SpitFire

Just maiden my spit with 3s with 8x6 it flew scale with that motor and prop combo but almost full throttle the hole time it's gonna get a motor bump up not fast enough for me. But wind is 10 mph also
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Thanks i have not Wright my one yet, but i used almost 3 stiks hot glue 10cm each and 11mm thik. But i Think im good going to measure the waight when i get home

jayz 84

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Jason how many cells do you plan on running the EF-1 motor. They need a bigger battery then the standard 2200 used in these builds. Plus the motor weighs 150g so you will need to do a hatch mod cause battery placement will be mid wing area. And with the amount of power and speed that motor will produce. You will need a carbon or aluminum wing spar and something to strengthen the hstab or it will only see one flight.
Not really sure if that will be the motor I'll use I'm kinda leaning to a 1400kv with a 9x6 prop 2200 3s 35c. Should give it plenty of pump up the motor is good up to a 11x5.5 but I'll be using 9x6 or maybe a 10x6 my Maxx
Thanks for the thumbs up on the paint. The spinner is a Dubro 2.25". I'm building a new Spitfire and I might use a 2.5" just for looks. Will also be putting landing gear on it.


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Hi guys

A newbie question. I building a spitfire and i realized that i dont have props for it. I have some 9047 counter rotating props. If i reverse the motor will it fly or better to get some normal prop and wait until they arrive. Sorry for my english.
Ps. Very nice planes. Good job.
Yes it will fly without a problem using the CCW props. I'm flying my Storch with a CCW 10X4.5 prop. The only issue is that the prop nut may have a tendency to loosen, so make sure it's tight and check before flying. Just add it to your preflight checklist.

Good Luck with your build
Starting my own FT Spitfire build. Using 5mm floor-dampening foam, with lots of recycled packing tape. Using a piece of floorboard for the firewall. Flying indoor atm with my first plane a WL-toys 949 three channel. Really annoying to only have three channels. The spit will be my first 4-channel. Counting on several rebuild and lots of simulator time.
IMG_20151109_200714.jpg IMG_20151110_185206.jpg
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The build is coming along nicely. Powerpod is almost finfished, only deciding on where to put holes for battery. One important thing, next time I build I'll be using UHU Por instead of hot glue. Tape and hotglue don't gel that nicely. :)