Recommended twin?

Brian B

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Here is a non-scale yet swoopy cockpit. Look back at my prior post for the nose STL. I must have forgotten to attach file, but edited post to add it.


  • Tigercat cockpit.stl
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Brian B

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Once I used magnets that connected face to face, one set mounted on a foamboard plate secured deep inside the 3D nose, paired with another on a face board in front of the battery. I changed that on the new nose, by epoxying magnets on the sides like this. The fuselage magnets are recessed on a pocket on the inside battery wall, and slots are needed to allow the nose magnets to slide in. So there are two thin paper sheets separating the magnets. The nose mags were secured permanent first. With fuse cavities prepared, before the epoxy on the fuse magnets cure the nose is installed so that those outer magnets pull the inner ones into alignment and let the glue dry.


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Since returning to RC planes I want to finally build a twin - something that was not realistic with balsa/nitro. The Legacy is so far my first choice, but I am unsure about flying it as a belly lander and the landing gear appears to be subpar. What do y'all recommend for a fun flying twin for an intermediate pilot? I would just default to the master's P38, but I don't think I can transport it in my Subaru Outback or VW Golf (I have yet to measure the cargo area tho). I am building the FT MS Spitfire right now after snapping the wings on the FT spitfire and enjoying the build.
The Mini Guinea is a great flying & easy to transport twin.

Brian B

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Clever. I had planned on magnets and a friend printed your nose and canopy for me.
How did the Tigercat work out? I saw elsewhere it was built. Fly good for you?

Adding another twin to my fleet. First was the Tigercat, then an FT Cruiser, then the P-38, and now the A-51 Stallion. A challenge!