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FT-Viggen Build


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Yesterday, was my birthday. It was the night I finished my Viggen build. It's ready for flight and a maiden video should be posting tomorrow. Then I'll need is to use my colored tape to make it look faster. Seen some good ideas here
Viggen vs Farm Machinery

Lost the Viggen in a field of mature wheat 2 weeks earlier. Farmer harvested the wheat the day before our picnic and found my plane... AFTER the combine had "processed" it. Viggen vs grain combine? No contest!




Keep on Flyin'


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Last night I gave the Viggen a go right before sunset. I plugged it in and tested the surfaces, checked CG... all good. then got the throttle up and threw... and watched it arc to the ground, which bruise the nose a bit. :confused:

then I ran through the check again. Do you know what I missed?

I never checked thrust direction.
then I said to my son, like chevy Chase in NLPCV, - "We checked that already I know I made sure that was right" specifically because this model closes it all up.

Then I remembered. I did check it. before I closed it in and had the propeller explode (puncturing the shell here and there.). Fortunately Had two of these so I grabbed the other prop and sanded the rind smooth to ensure proper non-exploding operation. (most likely caused by my non-perfect cutting skills. I put it all back, but I never retested motor direction. :black_eyed:

Back it was as the sun set with a quick pair of incisions, and a prying motion, the connections reversed, Motor direction confirmed correct, and NOW it's ready for a Maiden flight tonight unless NC weather strikes again like it did Sunday and all last week (3:30-4pm downpour).
I will have two Batteries ready and everything.

I think I need to change where I live, so I can test in my backyard. :)


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Got time last night. We had a great time with the Viggen's first flight.
I was using a 64 QX EDF unit. on a 3S unit. it cruised around 60-70% throttle
Video to be posted tonight (wanted to get an intro-outro added).

I have a 5 1/2 minute flight which is a record flight time. Thing I noticed was it was and east slow fly around 50-60% throttle, but needed some head speed to get moving to do a loop. It'll roll all day long. Either way it was a great low and fast plane to fly and easy to control.

After a hard nose landing crumpling the front. We had to stop.. as the plane was rolling from the crumple.

If David's reading this on occasion, THANK YOU! this plane is. Great. Video to come soon.
Just had to scratch-build my FT Viggen, (No kits available in EU) and get the cheapest EDF that might do the trick.
Total cost (including everything, foamboards, glue, edf, esc, carbon spar, servos, linkage, linkage stoppers...) exclusive receiver ($14) and Lipo ($30-ish) $64 (excl TAX). Works with Turnigy Graphene 3000mAh 15C 3S, 755 gr AUW.
Maiden went fine, can't do verticals but good enough, eight! minutes of flight time if you fly below 60% throttle. Really good wind penetration.

[QUOTE = "frogs84ss, Beitrag: 85149, Mitglied: 11970"] Die Montage ist abgeschlossen. Sie müssen immer noch die Kontrollstangen fertigstellen und das Radio einrichten. Sieht gut aus, einfacher als ich dachte zu bauen, und ich habe es mit nur 3 Bogen dtf erledigt. Ich kann es kaum erwarten, dies zu fliegen und ein weiteres für edf zu bauen. Dies wird versiegelt und bemalt. [/ QUOTE]
Hi, habe die Viggen gebaut, weiss aber nicht wo der Schwerpunkt liegt, steht nur Center of Gravity 133mm from leading edgeof rudder. Kann mir wer helfen danke im voraus.
Just made a variation with ideas from a Eurofighter, straight carbon reinfofced wings, different tail with rudder and wheels, too windy to test at moment, but think will be very quick!
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Hey guys,
can somebody tell me how to slice the Full plans PDF into a PDF with 3 or 4pages?
I hope this is what you are looking for:
download the "FT VIggen Tiled Plans.pdf" and it will print on 8.5x11 paper, but there are 30 pages.

If you are trying to get it all printed on 4 pages of 8.5x11 then it will be one small plane.

If you are trying to print it out on larger paper, then I'd use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop (which I have) and designate the paper to fit a large format printer. If you are taking it to a printing shop, they should be able to help you take the full plans and print them on a large format printer.