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FT Viggen with thrust vectoring - Spektrum setup DX8/AR410

Thought I'd post my RC setup info in case it helps someone else. I added thrust vectoring using the FT Elements thrust vector assembly with one servo to tilt the motor mount up and down in coordination with the elevator / pitch input. With only elevons and one servo (no rudder or elevator), this plane only needs 4 channels. I decided to use a 4 channel receiver I had on hand and save the 6 channel Rx for another project.

FT Viggen
FT Elements thrust vector unit with servo.

RC Equipment
Radio: DX8G2
Rx: AR410 4 channel sport receiver

Rx connections
CH1: throttle
CH2: Right Aileron
CH3: Left Aileron
CH4: Thrust vector servo

DX8 settings
Model Type: Aircraft
Aircraft Type: Wing:Elevon-B

Mix1: RUD/RUD -100% -100% (this effectively nulls out any rudder channel input from the rudder stick)
Mix2: ELE/RUD 30% 30% (this adds some elevator input to move the tilt unit up and down slightly in coordination with the elevator input).

The elevons respond properly when given aileron and elevator input, and the tilt unit moves in coordination with the elevator input. I do plan to experiment with a custom curve for the ELE/RUD mix. If anyone has already done this, I'd love to compare notes!