Ft watcher Australia

RB Flair Magnatilla.jpg RB Fokker DR7.jpg RB Baby Blender.JPG thought I would introduce myself to link up and exchange info with other foamies in oz
I started getting back into RC flying about a year ago after not having build a plane since I was about 12. I am now 67.
I started building and modifying models from the scratch build FT plans and from other FT builders like Eduardo Fritis with his terrific Fokker D7 and flair magnetilla builds.
I started with a Spitfire made a few minor modifications like a full foam canopy front to back and foam nose and a pop out undercarriage system that works fine. It's a beautiful flyer see picture. I then built a Messerschmitt Bf 109 definitely not a plane for beginners to fly very twitchy and enjoyable for the experienced close in my club. I then built a baby blender which to be frank flew like an angry bumblebee. I did a major rebuild increased wingspan to 900 mm added some dihedral and a motor with a bit more grunt and an undercarriage out of scrap aluminium. The modified blender is a great flyer a real joy. My latest build is an RC powers su V4 trainer it's a beautiful flyer and I've been installing an Rx based buddy system in it to get rid of having to have leads between the txs when buddy flying. I'm in a wheelchair So you can imagine the tangles with leads spokes and legs.I'll put up a post of that rx buddy design on the FT site.
For those of you who are looking for rc stuff in Oz I've been getting good value from Email - info@rcfoamfly.com <mailto:info@rcfoamfly.com
Web - www.rcfoamfly.com <http://www.rcfoamfly.com/
they have depron and very reasonably priced electronics motors other parts and plan printing. red-crow-web-image.jpg RBHellcat-2.jpg spitfire.jpg
Regards to all in Oz and thereabouts.
email barberr@squirrel.com.au


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Hello from the Fraser Coast

had not touched a plane for 34 years

I got a skyartec extra 300 (bad idea)

but the gear goes real good in a FT Mini (not the motor) just added a C20 - 2050kv motor & 7x4 prop on 2s 1000

at the time I was flying micro heli's and found some old balsa plans, so i started building a 180 Cessna 21 inch.

I found flite test stopped building converted the plans to foam added 34% in size; I have my first foamy.

Then in 7 days I built 6 planes - 4 foam & 2 balsa