Help! FT XL Power Add-on: 40A ESC & FT 2814 1100KV Motor


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Building the FT 3D XL MKR2 with the FT XL Power Add-on: 40A ESC & FT 2814 1100KV Motor and need to know if the system can handle up to a 4S battery pack? The Power Add-on comes with a 12x4.5 prop for a suggested 3S battery pack; what prop should be used to coordinate with a 4S battery pack?


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...need to know if the system can handle up to a 4S battery pack?...
FT changes components occasionally, the ESC you have may not be the same one sold today. There should be a label on your ESC which will indicate if it can handle 4S.

I run a 12x4 or 11x4 on my FT3D, my motor is a 3536 on 3S, this setup gives great performance. A 12 inch prop might be a bit much for your motor on 4S. I would start with a 10x4 and see how it goes.

I do a bench test with any new prop setup. Run the motor at full throttle for 10 seconds. Then stop and check the temperature of the motor, esc and battery by touching them. Warm is OK, but if anything is so hot you don’t want to hold on to it, STOP, that’s too hot. You need a smaller prop. If it passes, try a 30 second run, then check the temperatures. If it passes, try a 60 second run. If it passes, you can go for a fly. It’s a good practice to periodically check the temperatures after a flight. What works when it cool outdoors, 70, may overheat when it gets hot, 95.


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Google search "2814 brushless" can get you some answers.
This site suggests a 2814 takes 42A with an 11x6 on 4s so an 11x5 should give you just enough head room with a 40A ESC.
As Merv suggests short duration testing is a good way to start although using a Wattmeter is better as it gives a real time reading so you can stop if it looks like the Amps are getting to high.
The ESC is likely to be more sensitive than the motor. A ESC can fail in seconds if seriously over loaded and well before it gets too hot to touch.