FT 3D XL motor recommendations


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So, I built the FT 3D XL I got from Flite Fest this year. I painted it before assembly, added some lightweight packing tape to the outer components to try and add some strength. Total flying weight is about 1800 grams with a 4s 2200 installed, so about 300 more than FT says. Not bad in my opinion. Flies great. It'll slow down to a jogging speed. My only complaint is the power system I am using. It has tons of power, but just not enough for a good hover, and there is no rocketing out of a hover like a good 3D plane should be able to do. I'll be at 90-100% throttle to just maintain the hover.

I currently have an Emax Grand Turbo 2820/07 850kv motor running with a 12x6 (I think) prop on 4s. I feel like this is about the max I am gonna get out of this motor. After running a full pack with medium to heavy throttle, it is more than warm... lol Not HOT, but more than warm. Comparing this motor with the XL motor FT sells, this one appears to produce a tad more power. But I could be wrong since there is no power information on their motor, I can only compare to other motors with similar specs.

So my question would be what motors are you guys using on your XL's that will give me the power I'm looking for but keeping the 12" prop and 4s setup?


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What you can do is go to 35 size motor with a bit higher KV to keep in the 12 inch prop size, I put a G Force 3530 in my FT 3D on 3s unlimited vertical.


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+1 on the 35 size motor.

Im running a 3536 1000kv on 3S. It does all I want.