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FT Zero

Not sure why we're comparing the zero (a mini) against the spits (larger scale) here. I have the zero and the master series spit. Of the two, on a calm day, the zero is easier to fly, but only just and doesn't look quite as majestic in the sky.

Of the mini warbirds the zero flies the nicest, in my opinion.

The Spitfire is a classic, though, and I already had my spit before I bought the zero.
I have graduated from a Simple Scout to the Flite Zero. Its a very different experience. Can anyone tell how the zero compares to the FT Spitfire? (The spit seems to be a standard to compare)
Also I like to see a few shots of what the community has built. Any tips or suggestions? View attachment 194323
My 2 Spitfires, although 1 is obviously molded into a BF109.