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FTFC19 Build-uary


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Reserved for longEZ Just needs linkages and top cover/ paint. Build -1 I need to put new electronics in it. The motor\ esc stopped working. Got linkages together and will be plopping in a 2205 red bottom. About to maiden. I could not get it to fly! The torque was so bad it rolled inverted and I had little control authority with more throw than what FT uses. It dove and crashed each time.

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Reserved for WMPF Highlander
Glued fuse end and glued on first formers. I then attached the wing. Next pic the tail is on! Tower pro servos on the tail and FT 9gs for the flaperons. Got some more strakes on the wings. One is super out of alignment.
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I had to fly my long-ez with a 2205 as well, flies just fine with it, (just make sure to launch at about half throttle and be prepared for the torque. Mine didn’t try to roll but that doesn’t mean yours won’t).