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FTFF15 Build Zone Builder Team


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Hey Folks,

As the team lead for the Build Zone I'd like to create a rally point for people who want to volunteer to help build in the build zone, helping others step through builds, teaching build techniques and hanging out with others from our community while building. It's a job that needs a bit of flexibility, a bit of building know-how, and a bit of hanging out with people having fun. This shift will be more about helping others build and a bit of friendly fellowship, but as you have time, you're welcome to lend a hand with helping the organizers keep everything running smoothly.

** Keep in mind ** this signup is for those building in the build zone -- you MUST be signed up on another volunteer team to help with this group. Volunteers who want to work exclusively in the buld area helping to keep things runnign smoothly, sign up at this thread:


I'd also like to announce that Dan Sponholz (Sponz) has accepted the position as alternate lead for the area -- If you haven't chatted with him around the forum, he's a skilled builder and designer, a great guy to talk to and should be a good for everybody to work with.

If you haven't already, please take the time to read the Build Zone Manifesto (yeah, I know, tl;dr, but read it anyways ;) ) -- it should explain what the area's concept is and how you can fit in with it. I've not been very speedy in answering questions, but I am reading the comments, so if you've got ideas, I'm listening . . . I'll try to answer eventually.

If you would, please post below your name, preferred days/times, the other team you're volunteering with and the FT models you feel able to help build (please edit the post if you learn another between now and FTFF). As we get closer I'll try to build and post a schedule so each model type has a builder in the area at least a few times a day, you're not overscheduled, and the schedule meshes with your other team.

Build Zone Builder Volunteers:

(you could be first!!!)

Thanks for volunteering, and welcome aboard :)
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Hostage Taker of Quads
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I'll go first . . . sorta

Name: Dan Crews
Time available: Afternoons and evenings - Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Primary Team: Build Zone Organizer Team

FT Builds I can help build:
Bloody Wonder

(see! that was easy :) )


FT CAD Gremlin
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Name: Dan Sponholz
Time Available: Open - Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday morning
Primary Team: Build Zone Organizer Team

Builds I can help build:

  • FT Nutball (templates)
  • FT Flyer
  • FT Delta
  • FT Bloody Wonder (templates)
  • FT Versa (templates)
  • FT 3D (templates)
  • FT Spitfire (templates)
  • FT Mustang (templates)
  • FT Racer (templates)
  • FT Duster (templates)
  • FT Simple Storch
  • FT Mini Scout (templates)
  • FT Mini Guinea (work in progress) (templates)
  • Bloody Baron (templates)
  • Bloody Wonder MkIII (templates)
  • Ugly Wonder (templates)
  • FliteStick by HotWax (templates)


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When I'm not gate keeping, I plan on finding other things to do. I'm sure there will be a few.

If you ran down a list of skills for building, and I listed all of the ones I am accomplished at, I'd reply...

Yeah, I can solder. And I can teach soldering. Let me know if you need a certified-non-magic-smoke-leaker.