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Thank you for letting me be apart of this forum. I’m an accomplished builder from both kit and scratch balsa and composite material. I have build many indoor foam board aircraft but when it came to my first actual flite test kit it was an utter disaster. I build the mini flerkin and after I swore o would never build another again. I even flooded joshes build along in you tube.
But never say never. I’m a devoted flite test you tube channel watcher and the retro rocket with the thrust vectoring edf has caught my eye and sparked a perhaps we will give it another go. I do hate the paper on the foam as I find it peels off easy and one. I ended up peeling almost half off the flerkin and it wa starting to lift and this didn’t meet my high standards of finished looks. Anyways…… I’m thinking of trying to add retracts to the retro rocket as jets just look out of place with the gear hanging down. And doing a full weathered effect finish similar to the park zone Habu I recently completed. And weathering out the exhaust as well. See pictures below for what I mean. Please give me your thoughts on this endeavour and let me know what you think. Give all the encouragement you can…. Lol


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