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FU4 Corsair"style" Scratch build

I have been toiling over a plan in my head to build my own Corsair plane. Now I know there are lots of plans out there and even a swappable design for the Corsair, which I down loaded and have printed out! I just wanted to try my own design at it and make it inexpensive. So here is the progress so far.

I started with a carbon arrow shaft, a screw, 1/4" hobby plywood, epoxy and some DT foam board cut into formers.
View attachment 22668
View attachment 22669
View attachment 22670

I built a 38" wing with KFM3 and assembled the skeleton of the bird.
View attachment 22671
View attachment 22672

Next the motor and its a BIG one ST3508 730 KV but only $12.00 and the ESC 40 amp
View attachment 22673

Then I made the tail wing as close to a Corsairs as possible, as I stated in the title "Style" and added more former supports and the servo for the elevator.

View attachment 22674
View attachment 22675
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View attachment 22678

So that is where I am at with the project so far. You can see from the pictures I have covered the nose with foam board with paper removed from one side and wrapped it around the formers, my plan is to do this on the back of the plane also. It makes it very sturdy and looks nice! I will share more as the build progresses. I dont really have plans but I can give measurements if intrested. I am going by actual Corsair measurements just using inches instead of feet and adding my own TLAR as I go! Thanks for checking this thread! If it flies it will be awesome, if not, with that big engine and prop the crash will be epic!

Ron B

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Viper I think you will need to down size the prop for more scale and for clearance if adding landing gear.
every thing else looks good so far.
RonB, I am a little unsure of what prop I'll use, I am thinking about a three blade 11 inch, could go to a 10 inch but I have a feeling this will be a belly flopper any way and a 2 blade makes more sense, I will need the all up weight to make the final decision on prop lenght and pitch with this being a low kv motor it might have to be longer. I would like landing gear but I think this bird will be on the heavy side and the logistics of mounting a strong LG might not work out.
Progress on the Corsair

Wow it's been a while since I posted this project! So I have made some progress.
The servo for the rudder is in, I made a tail, that I like, I have the fusealage covered, that was hard to do and it came out a little rough. I made a cover for the electronics compartment, added a carbon spar to the wing and made the wing larger with curved tips, looks better! now it has 52 inch wing span!,constructed landing gear and tail wheel.

To do list! Build the ailerons, spar the wing tips with some bamboo, find the CG, make battery attachment, add color some how,test fly!
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The Corsair project is really moving now!

So I finished the panels and the engine cowling and added some color! I found a paint that works great with out minwaxing and so far is working great and dries quick 15 min or less! krylon fusion for plastic. 3 light coats and it looks great!
View attachment 26325 View attachment 26326 View attachment 26327 View attachment 26328

The maiden flight was great and I have video!, just have to edit it will be up soon!
Here is the Maiden flight!

This turned out way better than expected! I got the cg right on the first try! Man This is a great plane!
Kinda slow but I like it!