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Getting back into the hobby


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Hey all. I'm not really new to the hobby, but I am newly returning.

Due to college and just life in general, I fell out of the hobby for about three years. I've built my fair share of FT plans, some from kits, some from scratch. I love building planes and experimenting with stuff, however I haven't flown in so long that I'm not even sure how to pick it up again. I have a Turnigy 9x upgraded to OpenTX with a stock module, and an FT Explorer with some flight time on it. I also have an unflown fully assembled FT Mini Scout, and an unassembled FT Tiny Trainer. I'm a little nervous to attempt flying them because I haven't flown in so long.

What are some recommendations to learn to fly again efficiently, and cost effectively? I currently don't have a simulator, and wouldn't know where to start as far as which one to get. Also, I do remember the range with the stock Turnigy module being lackluster, with it being as old as it is, and the 9Xtreme being discontinued, would it still be worthwhile to get a module such as the FrSky DJT or XJT, or at this point is it better to just save up for a new transmitter such as the Taranis Q X7?

Thank you for any suggestions!
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Woth a good receiver, your Turnigy 9X will still be fine, you can get multi protocol modules for it that will allow you to fly any receiver, Flysky, FRsky, Futaba, Spektrum. You could fit an R9m “long range” module to it as well, they work on 898 or 900mhz and put you out beyond line of sight even with 100mw. All those options are compatible with Open TX, R9 requires 2.2 and above.
The Jumper T16 is better than the QX7 if you are buying a new TX. Their T12 is also excellent if you are looking to save money and don’t mind a smaller physical size, the plus version has hall sensor gimbals. Both run a version of OpenTX and have a multi protocol module included.


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The only time I've had any range issues with my 9x is when I had damaged the Rx antenna. When I repaired the antenna the range was fantastic. The damage is usually with the outer braid, right where is enters the case.

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Get your Tiny Trainer going. Even if you stuff up bad, it probably won't break, and if it does break, it's an easy quick fix!


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You can get older sims really cheap or free. I didn’t use a sim because I don’t own a computer, it was probably harder learning without but if you take time setting up and follow all the useful advice here it’s still fun flying for real, even if you crash sometimes.