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Getting reverse thrust on a diy build.

I have built my first diy plane and I choose the Flight Test Alpha. I followed the instructional video. When it came time to start installing the Flight Test Power Pack F I followed the video and bought the servo tester so I could hook it up to the engine and make sure that the engine is turning counterclockwise as indicated with an arrow on the engine. I installed the prop with the letters facing the direction that i want to fly as it says in the video. All this was done as instructed in the video and yet my plane wants to fly backwards and i have no idea why. Any help???
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Wake up! Time to fly!
You can swap two wires as suggested to resolve your problem easily enough.

Just remember the labeling on the motor is for a tractor configuration where the motor faces forward.

If the motor is facing aft it becomes a pusher configuration and needs to spin the opposite direction with the numbers on the prop pointing at the front of the plane