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GEV-2.0 Grasshopper, Part 1: Design Process

Quick update on the build process for the new design I mentioned in my last thread. Progress on that design had been delayed due to travel for work as well as multiple design revisions. Finally, as of today, I am ready to start cutting out the foam. The Grasshopper's design is mostly inspired by the Lippisch X-112 and the FlyNano.
Lippisch X-112.jpg

I don't have CAD software at the moment, so my the design work has mostly consisted of scale drawings on paper (so much trig!), as well as a model of the upper and lower surface of the main wing out of Ram Board (a useful trick for prototyping complex shapes I learned during my time as a metal fabricator). There are some cool features of the Grasshopper which I haven't seen elsewhere, however I will wait until I have pictures of the actual build rather than describe them here.

Side View, Scale.jpg

Top View, Scale.jpg