GEV-3 Origami Test Glider(s)


It's been a while. Even though I haven't built hardly anything in almost a year doesn't mean I haven't been progressing on a new design, making plans, researching into building techniques, or buying new components. Finally got some solid ideas nailed down for the next few aircraft I am going to build. The goal is still to release plans for a GEV, once I finish a design that I am fully satisfied with and am able to fly.

One of the key lessons from the last plane is I can design a plane that glides beautifully in a chuck test and still not preform well under power and in ground effect. I need to test the dynamic stability without the added variable of my imprecise control inputs. The design process on this series is going to start out simple and build up in complexity: gliders > 2ch twin prop > 3ch twin prop + rudder > 4ch. For the glider, it needed somewhat resemble the later design while also being simple and small enough that I can test multiple versions until I get the right combination of AOA for the canard, wing, and tail all without wasting too much foamboard (there really isn't some similar aircraft I can copy from). Also, for a while I have been wanting to try my hand at a more origami-style, minimal piece, one sheet design. This seemed like a perfect opportunity.

For context the leading edge of the canard and winglets are going to be reinforced with 3mm bamboo skewers as well as one running along the centerline which both attach to a 5lbs plastic picture hanging hook to engage the rubber band. I haven't differentiated the cut lines, fold lines, bevel lines, and remove paper sections; so that template probably isn't going to make much sense until the build update. That last picture was from an experiment I did a few months ago when I was testing a rubber band launch and to verify stall angle.


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