BAE P.1214 - 3 . the only true X-Wing fighter !


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The P.1214 was one of several "Hawker" proposals for the supersonic Harrier II. Distinguished by its forward-swept wings and double-boom "flying squirrel"-like body . It was named such due to the crossing nature of the mainplanes through the middle/aft section of the fuselage - making a distinct "X" arrangement when viewed from the top down profile.
Plane was developed late 70´s along the lines of Advanced Short Take-Off/ Vertical Landing fighter design. To achive a "thrusting component" it needed be powered by a "Plenum Chamber Burning"(PCM) components under the aircraft with three swiveling thruster - exhaustports to achive this.
The main physical quality of the fighter where the mainplanes with sweept forward in design, hoping for finding performance gains. Well blended wing roots joined to the structure where its rearward swept tailplanes completing the "X" appearence.
The result was one of the most futuristic fighter concepts of the period.

The P.1214 marked a series of research studies on wing planforms/ structure/ ASTO/ VL/ performance/ physical functions eg. and gave much researchs in aero dynamics.
By 1984 novelty of the proposal was worn off, and also found that forward swept wings offered little improvement over conventional rearward swept wings.

As been the only true "X - Wing" fighter , of course this is something interesting for me to build model of. ( since admire all planes with a special history, prototypes and just designideas.)
1050mm long, 880mm wingspan, one single 64mm EDF (reworked w/ more powerful motor, 12 blade & balanced) .



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I always love your builds! Can't wait to see how this turn out! You find the most unique stuff
yeah , its a unique plane design..... thats what who is mainly always appealing to my building. I love the uniqueness by many planedesigns in eras.
Also to build such, totally from scratch from sketchideas, pictures, or hopefully 3D view drawings or such, is a help in my healtissues at time , by trigger more my creativity and a way to forget the issues :giggle: Its always harder to make something that way, and creativity is need much in ways to get the RC model perform in use. I have a few eg. where i yet havent found a way to make it functional as wants,something is tried and ended, others not . Some time i would try after a while to come up with other way to get such functional..... nothing is in ahurry!


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When planned starting building this model, i thought a lot on howe to make thrust function... Designidea had a main jetengine, and one as big swiveling thrusters on both sides of it. The model needed be very very big to get "correct scale" on this parts to be in scale....After some local "brainsurgery" with a big hammer, and the foamboardknife, some wiring eg. ( :ROFLMAO: ) i decided to make correct for the 64mm EDF in main "exhaust", and the two swiveling thrusters at side, just make as "dummies style" not in correct style/sizing. . Front part of fuselage fixed, and air-intake, is in build....

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