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Glow SE5a


Junior Member

I have a SE5a airplane that was built by someone in my club, I think it was a Flair kit.

What I was wondering is how difficult is a SE5a to fly? I know that they have alot of drag and having the throttle on during landing will help, is there anything else I need to know?


Old age member
The Scout Experimental 5a is one of the best planes from that era to fly as a model. Flair is also a good brand knowing how to design a model plane.
How much flying experience do you have? Although a good flyer it still needs to be flown with competence and would best be at least your third airplane. Trainer, Sport plane, Biplane. If you went from trainer to hovering electrics it will either be boring or fun in a different way. If you can't quite keep control of a sport plane or haven't trained yet it will be sticks in no time.

Do not be bashful about waiting to fly it when you're ready. Shoot, build a baby blender and get used to that then the SE5a will be easy flyin.


Junior Member
Thanks for the reply's guys. I realised just after I posted this it was in the electrics section, so thank you for replying anyway.

I have flown for many years, but have just come back to the hobby after several years away whist kids grew up etc. I'm currently flying my trainer again, but I'm a little bored with it already and am looking at moving onto another model soon.