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Gone wireless

OK, question... I've played with the channels on the 5.8tx to try and get the best signal possible with the stock antennas. I can get a clear picture with all of them, but I also get a 'buzz' every few seconds. I've done all my testing inside, and the glitch is pretty much not noticeable when I'm about 1m from the vtx. Could this be multipathing given all the hard surfaces inside (I've got cp antennas on the 900Mhz system and no multipathing issues)?

I seem to recall that I had something similar, but not as pronounced, with the stock antennas on my 900Mhz system. If it is multipathing, will it disappear outside when there aren't any objects to bounce off? I didn't get any multipathing outside with the stock antennas on 900Mhz. Hopefully they do, as it seems silly to buy 5.8 cp antennas for just relaying video a few metres...
The stock antennas on the 5.8 GHz system should work the best on 5800 MHz. Maybe try to keep the VTX in the air instead off on the ground. Multipathing is something different.