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Goofy little $20 Cub


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Just browsing HK I see a J3 Cub for $20. I had several motors and ESCs laying around and a bucket of servos. What the heck. Realistically it is a $35 Cub because of shipping (US warehouse BTW).

2013-03-13 23.41.02.jpg

Ok there it is, an ugly little monster and it took a bit to make it work. First it is heavy, real heavy. This is not a terrible thing because it can get in the wind. The flags were straight out today but the only issue I had was having to give her some room to turn downwind because of the small control surfaces. I had a Turnigy DST-1200 and a 20 amp esc for it and flew it on a 9x5. I used a 800mAh 2s for it and it worked fine.

I didn't want to mount the motor to the cheap plastic firewall, and I needed it far enough out to get the shaft through the cowl so I cut a square in the plastic and stickmounted the motor. In the end the cowl didn't fit well and it was a pain trying different sized props without removing it so I left it off, I'm not out showing this thing off anyways.

Everything on this plane screams $20 plane so if you think about getting one, don't say I didn't warn you. I had to weigh down the front quite a bit. I had some old nuts and bolts in my "you never know" box and glued them on the side as a junkyard exhaust kind of thing. There is also a square of metal I had taped to the bottom to finally balance it.

It did fly pretty well considering the windy day. I will have to get a video of it if the weather lets up soon. It's only three channel and has a ridiculous amount of dihedral so I think it will work nice buddy boxing with my daughters friends when they feel like getting up there or on those wet ground mornings when I don't want to take out my scratchbuilds.

In the end it was $35 and some spare parts, and just as fun to fly as a 5 times the price HZ supercub, but doggone if she ain't ugly.

2013-03-13 23.41.27.jpg


I'm a care bear...Really?
What if you added some area to the control surfaces? Either make it out of packing tape of tape on some balsa would that help the anemic turns and whatever else it doesn't do?. Still for 20 bucks who can complain.


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As promised, here's a video. I set the throws higher to get it around in the wind, and windy it was. Definitely worth the money and time to get it right. I am looking forward to trying it on a calm day but that won't be for the foreseeable future.