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GPS Flight controller

Hey guys,

I'm not sure where to post this so I figured I would start here. I'm looking for a flight controller like a Naze 32 or something similar that I can use to take a quad copter up to a certain height say 100 feet and flip a switch and have it sit there. Does anybody know of anything recent that could do that for me?

Thanks guys appreciate any help
You can try the Tarot GPS Controller package

Or the DJI NAZA M V2

Both are comparable in functions and have 3D gimblas that will directly link to the FC for control.

I just worked up an estimate for a 680 size hex based on the Tarot gear using the Tarot gimbal and my GoPro. Gimbals that can hold my full size DSLR Canon are too pricey.

You can get GPS into a full NAZE32 board but I've read it is a major PITA with mixed results.