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Hardware Kits For Speedbuilds

Ok guys I talked to josh b about this a few days ago so I think its time to post it in the forums. I would like to see Hardware kits in the store for the speed build kits. Mounts horns linkage etc. Just what you need for That plane ft flyer delta and the nutball. im sure it would save a lot of time for guys like me who don't have a hobby shop close. I think the nearest one is about an hr away in Myrtle beach SC. So if you guys/gals like this idea and would get on board lets get some post for this. thanks
Everything comes in the speed build but electronics. linkages pre bent everything is done for you.
No No I mean hardware for more planes. if you want to build more then one you can order the kits for other planes. me for example I have people that would love to get into rc and I can make the planes but like I said the lhs is an hr. away so these hardware kits would be great for the people who cant just go to a hobby shop.


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I think it's a great idea. The laser cut firewall and control horns and wire for landing gear, etc. in a kit would be awesome.