Has anyone got a Sea Otter that fly's okay ?


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Well, somehow, with everything but a battery installed, mine ended up at 702 grams. Way too heavy to fly, even with a C-pack motor and a 2200ma battery. At least I think that's what happened. The plans say 428 grams dry weight, 612 all up. What is the definition of dry weight? I assume all up includes a battery?

I think I need to learn to be much more judicious with the hot glue.

The CG was good, but the plane nose dived right after a hand launch. Ah well. It's a nice looking plane :)

Yet another with the same problem.


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Didn't end up scrapping it after all, I cut the firewall around the top and sides of the nacelle. I then added packing to the top of the nacelle and glued/ taped the firewall back in place.
The motor now has the identical dimensions as @Scary, I fitted a Lipo and ran up the motor. The downward nose tendency from the motor thrust has significantly reduced, its only noticeable now on the higher throttle setting.
I will give it one more chance to fly, next time I visit the club if it fails again its getting incinerated.