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have you guys seen this?


lumpy member
hobby king sells flite test tee's! no joke!
you-can-not(3).jpg link
A-rifle-main.jpg link
they probably wont be restocking it because the ties with them have been cut, so get 'em fore they are gone!
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Rotor Riot!
HEHEHE Yea they are quite old, but still cool! Pgerts, how good is the print? Is it thick, or does the ink wash off?

EDIT: But they aren't in stock now... :(
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I got the "you cannot fly this plane" one a couple of weeks ago. Keep in mind that China shirt sizes are smaller than U.S. sizes. For example I'm an XL in the U.S. but XXXL in China. They're silk screened and pretty decent material. For $5 it's worth getting one or two.


Propaganda machine
I got one about a year ago. The only complaint I have is that the elastic in the collar perished pretty quickly. Good value though, and attracts lots of interest.