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Heli Motor re-initializes after flying.

Hi guys,

I need some advise, I have built a HK 450 with an Turnigy 3400KV heli motor using a Red Brick 50A ESC (Heli mode)

Every time I add throttle it is either under powered, or when I close the thorottle the motor re-initialises again, as if the power dropped and it came back up again.

Any advise please.


More combat please...
Is the battery healthy?
What's the C rating?
Sounds like the battery may be sagging enough to cause your receiver to reboot.
hard to tell from here though ;)

I found the problem.mit was afaulty ESC, I swapped out the ESC and all is working now.

Can anyone tell me if the red brick 50A ESC programable, because as soon as you try to enter a option by pulling back the throttle the ESC just initializes