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Hello, and thank you.

Hi folks.

I'm sure it's been said, but a big THANK YOU to Josh, Joshua and the production team. I'm thoroughly impressed. The quality of your production value is great, not at the expense of your contents. Josh and Josh, your enthusiasm and genuininess (genuinosity?) shows through in what you do. Bixler, your scratch build videos are clear and easy to watch repetitively. I realize many of the things that I like about your videos have a lot to do with the behind the scenes work, so thanks again to the production team.

I just recently started into the hobby. When younger, I wanted to try. Twenty years ago, however, things seemed much more expensive and painstaking. Finally I found that electric flying had come down in cost and better in tech. Instead of buying a kit, I told a few co-workers who fly rc (for decades) that I'd build my own.

A couple of hundred dollars (equivalent to many entry kits), and a used transmitter and I have built my twin bomber (with electrics for about three more foam-board planes). Many thanks here to Experimental Airlines videos. It's a touch heavy, and has more power than I know what to do with; the latter being the more critical point. So, now that I know my design will get airborne I've decided to get some experience with some lighter and smaller planes. Here's where you guys come in. Your videos have been invaluable in my learning curve; building, and flying.

Cheers, guys, here's hoping for continued success.