Hello From Colorado!


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I recently found the Flite Test YouTube channel. And watching many episodes has me excited about the possibilities of outdoor electric RC planes. So far my only RC experience has been with little inexpensive RC helicopters and quads. I have only flown them indoors as they are not rated for outdoor use.
I want to learn to fly with a very basic RTF setup. And I am not committed to the point of joining clubs. If even one of my children takes to flying RC planes then I will be reaching out to one of the local clubs. If none of my kids are interested, then even though this is of great interest to me, I won't put in the time commitment to yet another hobby if it means taking more time away from my kids. It would have to wait until I am old and all my kids are grown.

I am near the town of Parker. It is southeast of Denver. I am interested to know if there is anyone else from this area. And if they know about any good local areas for park flying. There are a ton of parks near me. But I have yet to find out if I can fly there. Seeing as how I am technically within 5 miles of Centennial airport I hope I don't run into too much opposition. I don't see how a little park flyer would interfere with actual air traffic. I have been looking at the Hobby Zone Champ or something similar at about the same price point.


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Welcome, you might want to look at FTgroups.com you can search for people and clubs by location.