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Hello guys! Michigan RCer

Hi guys,
I'm not new to Flite Test but new to the forums. I just started to fly FPV with my Versa Wing. I built 4 Versa's so far, 2 Bloody Wonders and a Racer and I like them all. I've been flying now for about 30 year (started when i was 8 years old) and starting to get my son flying. I've built him a Versa that he's been flying it for the past few months and loves it.

Anyway, just wanted to Hi

Where in SE Michigan are you from? I live in SE too. Fly out of Milan and sometimes a local field. I've done a few FT planes too. I love building.
Hey Pumpster,

I have good news for you:
not only are you not a nugget in flying, but now you also aren't the "resident NOOB" of the forums! :D That would go to me now lol

just want to say hi to a fellow new guy as I like to always get to know everyone
Ah! Port Huron isn't exactly the South part of MI. hahaha... If you ever make it down to the Ann Arbor area and would like to fly, let me know. The group I fly with has a nice dedicated RC field in Milan. Out where I live is a great open area where I have permission to fly. It would be cool for FPV.

Anyway, welcome!