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Hello I'm an old noobee

Hi I've ben watching a few Youtube vidoes and looking through the site, great stuff.
Now I live in New Zealand so accessing your store will be difficult.
What is a really easy scratch build plan to build and easy to fly?
Thanks. Bob


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Tiny Trainer is my recommendation as well!

Check out the forum for fellow Kiwis perhaps one lives close and can guide or assist you!

Have fun!


Knower of useless information
Easy plane to fly - loaded question! :) LOL

As most have already said, the Tiny Trainer is a great starter plane; only thing with the smaller FliteTest planes (with mini or tiny in the name), they tend to get pushed around a bit more in the wind vs. the bigger planes. Does that mean you can't fly them? Heck no. You can, just know it might be a bit more of a challenge.

I'd also recommend the Simple Scout or the Cub as a good first plane, if for nothing else than they're more stable in wind due to their size.

Also, one more plus with regards to the smaller planes - get them up in the air, and the smaller they are, the harder they become to see. A tiny plane at 50 feet in the air is harder to see than one that's twice its size at the same height...The disadvantage of a larger plane is that it requires more flying space to get them turned around AND transporting them to and from the field can be a logistical nightmare if you're trying to fit it into a tiny car (trying to fit a Sea Duck into say, a Ford Fiesta or a Holden Spark is an exercise in futility LOL)

Just my two cents, and it's worth about that much. :)