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Hello, new to Flite Test and new to RC aircraft

aces high

Junior Member
Hello, all!

New member to Flite Test and new to RC aircraft.

After happening upon videos from Josh and Josh and David, I became enthralled with the possibilities of RC aircraft... specifically the FPV capabilities of tri- and quadcopters.

As a newbie, would it be wise to purchase something along the lines of the Walkera Ladybird to accustom myself to RC aircraft, or are there other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for the input/comments!

Best Regards,
aces high


Welcome to Flite Test! I'll let someone else weigh in on multi-rotor advice, but that does seem like a reasonable place to start to me.

aces high

Junior Member
Many thanks for the responses, earthsciteach and zev!

In my excitement, I purchased a Walkera Ladybird V2 before I read up on the Blade MQX. :(

Oh well, I'm hoping that the Ladybird ($75.00, shipped, from Amazon) will give me, at the very least, a bit of insight into RC quadcopter controls.

The alternative to a small, cheap "start-up kit" like the Ladybird was some kind of computer simulator that a friend offered to loan me.

But, as I've always been more of a trial-by-error kind of guy, I opted for something that provides more of a "hands-on" experience.

Parcel due to arrive somewhere between March 11 and March 18.

Can't wait, but if there is a silver-lining to the dreaded "Wait Period," at least I've got time to read up on all these informative posts!

Thanks again, gentlemen!
aces high... I know what you mean by the "Wait Period", I too am waiting for a few parcels. During this time may I suggest along with reading up on your copter, that you take a bit of time on the simulator just to get yourself adjusted to some of the suprizes that may come your way. The articles on your copters may not be telling the entire story. I know this as I too enjoy flying the same way you do.

ps I ended up buying a Real Fight 6.0 and glad I did