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Hello new to the forum from Maryland.

Hello my name is Dale Call me Fox from maryland. I'm new to the Flite test forum just wanted to say hello to everyone I'm a cool guy easy to get along with. Little quick brief RC history. I've been in the Hobby since I was a kid enjoy it very much. I have done a little bit of everything in RC. But my all-time passion is flying model Airplanes. Nitro Electric etc. I just want to say I'm happy that I joined and maybe hopefully get to know some of you guys. And and I just want to say I really like Flite Test I like what they do and I support them 100% I now currently own three of their speed build kits. If anyone has any questions for me feel free to ask I'll be around :).
Thank you for the welcome So far due to the weather mainly my flight test simple Scout. And mini Speedster. As for right now I'm testing a hobbymate 3 axis gyro stabilizer on the simple Scout hopefully I can use it for my slowpoke come next spring.
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