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Hello to every one on this forum


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I am new to this forum but not new to RC aviation hobby, it has been approximatly 3 years since i am in this hobby and have previously flown WLtoys F959, 949 and some other micro RC planes. All of these were RTF.

Now after subscribing Flite Test channel on youtube, i thought to go for one of their speedbuit kits, so ordered F-22 raptor along with the recomended power pack last weekend. So very much looking forward to receive the order then built and maiden F22. will update the vidoes and pics once i maiden it.

While i am waiting for my order to arrive, is there anything to consider while building F22 as far as the forum members's experience with scratch building is concerned. though i have watched nearly of the review as well as build videos of Josh building F 22. I mean, is it as easy as it looks in the videos where josh B shows how to build the plane :)

Keen to hear from all of you.
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Thanks for the warm welcome

Hello Mike

Thanks for wishing me luck. Sure i will keep posting about my experience with scratch building.