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Hello everyone! I've finally made it into the Flite Test Forums! I've been a fan of Flite Test since they started and have made a few of their planes. I took a break from flying RC for a couple years and now I'm looking to get back into it so that I can try and get my twin daughters hooked. I'd love some recommendations on some beginner planes to build. I've been looking at the Simple Cub, Storch, and the Tutor. (I'm leaning more toward the Storch or Cub personally) but I'd love to get some feedback from everyone on which would be a good plane to start with.
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Welcome to the forums.

All of the planes you mentioned are great. Larger planes are easier to fly than smaller ones, at least they are for me, easier to see. The components are also more suitable to be transferred to your 2nd plane. In addition, you might want consider the FT Explorer, a pusher offers some protection for the prop and motor.


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I have not flown any of those, but from what others say those are all good choices.

I do have Storch speed build kit. hmm... I need to put that together.


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I've built, flown and crashed a couple of Cubs and wouldn't recommend it as a first plane. Heartily agree with @Merv on the Explorer, it saves props and can be built with a trainer wing or ailerons as a sporty flier. I've heard good things about the Storch but haven't built one.