Help Add to the List: Multirotors, where are you getting your supplies?


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2 UK sites:
Giant cod is no more, but one of the founders has gone on to make which does similar parts also does multi rotor stuff
Hi FlyingMonkey,

HoverallRc seems to be no more, and may be hacked, as when I visited it Avast got mad at me because it detected malware on the site, and googling it has a "This site may be hacked" message under it.

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Are you asking for actual hobby shops? Because if you search the right thing you can get a lot of good stuff off of amazon...
I also use The Robot Shop for servos and controllers.
Also Micro Motor Warehouse has an EU and US warehouse, as well as the Australia one.

Also it looks like is gone too, but was it just changed to (At least I think they are the same ones that FinalGlide posted about :p)

And as for the PatsMiniHQuad site, I think it is just shut down and not hacked, as Great Hobbies says their products are discontinued.
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Good pricing and great service. Since we buy a lot from them, placing an order is fast and easy. They may not always the cheapest, but often no shipping charges and the delivery is first rate; often better than buying direct and way faster than things coming from China, Hong Kong, etc.


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I just ran thru this entire list and cant for the life of me not figure why noone has posted Racedayquads yet. They are the top distributor of quad parts at this time. I deal with them first for all my gear since I found out Flite Test was not pushing into mid to upper level quad gear and moved everything over to Amain anyways.

Racedayquads is Psyborg approved. Great service super fast shipping, great service the two times I needed to contact that that was non product or sales related regarding my account getting hacked and doing recent purchases thru a friends credit card.


Race Day Quads, fast shipping (free if you spend above their limit), great customer service.
Armattan frames and they will build a quad for you if you'd like, great customer service.