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**Help** CAD design needed.


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Hello everyone! I am reaching out to this great community for some help. I am needing a knowledgeable person to design a foam insert to fit inside a Home Depot case...the Rigid Pro 22" Pro Organizer, model 222571.
The inside dimensions are @ 20 3/16 L x 10 3/4 D x 3 /1/2 thick.

The Dx9 would need to be centered in the middle with a cut out big enough on the right side for a pair of Fat Shark googles
in their carrying case and an rectangular open area on the left to put in antenna and odds and ends.

I am sure someone out there is more talented than myself to conquer this task. I will be sending the design out to custom foam cutter to have it laser cut to size.

Thank you in advance.


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This should be something fairly easy to do. Probably far easier for you than somebody else who doesn't own the exact parts in question. Hard do draw something without measurements or pictures.

DoubleCad XT is free and pretty easy to use.


You can use the tips I have here about drawing up planes to trace around pictures of the parts you want to fit into your box. Good way to get your foot into the door.



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Troy, did you ask the foam guy if he'd be ok with a simple sketch? Sometimes that's all they need with some added dimensions.

One thing I am using for this is pre-cut foam. It's small cubes that are still attached to each other, but can be torn apart easily to make it exactly like you need. Just do an image search for "diced foam" to see what I am talking about.


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If you are open to trying it yourself, I would recommend Onshape as a cad program, runs in the browser and is free, also maker's muse is a good resource for learning.