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Help diagnose signal loss issue...Turnigy 9X

If i am holding my quad copter walking about 400 yards away from the transmitter (Tunigy 9X)...is it normal for the signal to cut out if I hold the quad copter directly in front of me, blocking the line of sight to the transmitter?

What about vice versa, if i am flying at distances of 200+ yards, and the quad is behind me...so my body is blocking the line of sight from the transmitter to the quad; is that going to cause trouble?

I am just trying to run some diagnostics. I have been expriencing some signal loss when i fly FPV, and i want to say the trend from cutting out is from distance.

I just read that having my antenna on the quad positioned horizontally is not as good as having it vertically, but i didn't suspect it would cause trouble in distances of less than a couple hundred yards.

I caught the quad cutting in and out in a recent video recording. both times were when the quad was within 200 yards. Have already swapped out the reciever with a brand new one, no difference.

The transmitter is on the suspect list, but i have no problems flying a scratch built jet. The other suspect is the KK2 board flaking out, i have had a hard crash recently that bent some pins on the board.



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Yes, your body will significantly attenuate the xmtrs signal.

Try to keep your antennas parallel to each other for maximum signal. Never point the antenna directly at the model. The antennas radiation pattern is doughnut shaped, with maximum strength off to the sides

thanks!! i will make these changes before my next range test:
- position the antenna vertically instead of horizontally on my quad
- make sure the antenna on my transmitter is vertical
- make sure the quad is in clear line of sight of the transmitter (no flying behind my back)


I prefer to keep my tx antenna horizontal to the ground as opposed to vertical. That way, I don't fly overhead and into the "hole" in the sky.
I would agree with the antenna position. I was always reminded to keep it parallel to the ground (TX). I don't know much about the turnigy products as I am a spektrum guy but you might want to check the module if there is one on the back. Check the wire and make sure nothing is bad there.
Changing my RX antenna vertically on my quad seemed to make a big difference. Over the last few test flights out to almost 400 yards, things seem to be alot better. Others have recommened pointing the antenna downwards, underneath the quad; i am going to try that next.