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Help!! Don’t want to fry my fc!

So, I’m on my first build...
I have an Avenger 225 race frame.
I’m running the Zeus f722 mini stack, with AKK 2300kv’s.. on 4S.
So, everything was going smooth..
seemed to be a clean & easy build... until I go to give this guy some power.
Ran betaflight ✅
Checked all my solder ends/joints.. ✅
All connections accurate ✅
Fully charged 4S ✅
... plugged it in & all motors do the little twitch, & then it beeped correctly.. & then suddenly smoke starts coming out the top of my motor ... I’ve tried everything under the sun & it still smokes when I give it
lipo life.. I’ve boggled my brain & resources & nothing makes sense.. please! Anyone! A pointer would be absolutely fantastic.. I’d hate to fry my quad.


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Probably should return the motors or contact the seller. If the motors are smoking ,you probably burned the enamel off the coils, and it won't function correctly anyways. Regardless, its very strange the motors smoked first, and points to a factory defect. Given the Amazon reviews, wouldnt surprise me too much.


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Sounds to me like you may have used too long motor screws and shorted the motor windings to the frame. Carbon fiber does conduct. This also means there is a path to somewhere else in the chain. More then likely between the esc and the frame if you did not insulate with the provided silicone o rings between the board and the press nuts.

This is what I do before first power up and during first power up. You will usually find faults long before applying power this way more so then just a visual check. Build or buy a smoke stopper as that will save you sooo much money in this hobby vs the few dollar investment.

smoke stopper.jpg