1. S

    Help! help for motors and propeller

    Hello, I want to build an F22, but I don't know what to buy for the engine and propeller, but I have come to a decision. I will use Sunnysky CCW 980kv and 9450 propeller. Are this motor and propeller sufficient for the F22 model (3s has 11.1 volt lipo battery) please help me.
  2. F

    Help!! Don’t want to fry my fc!

    So, I’m on my first build... I have an Avenger 225 race frame. I’m running the Zeus f722 mini stack, with AKK 2300kv’s.. on 4S. So, everything was going smooth.. seemed to be a clean & easy build... until I go to give this guy some power. Ran betaflight ✅ Checked all my solder ends/joints...
  3. GParr

    Motors won't move and receiver won't connect to flight controller.

    I have been trying to finish up my first quad build. I have wired everything up according to the speedy bee f7 manual and gotten the flight controller connected in Beta flight. I have been trying to setup my receiver and ESCs/motors. Receiver I have gotten the receiver to bind with my...
  4. duckduckgoose

    Best long range power setup for FT spear

    Hi all, so I'm about half way through my second FT SPEAR build and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a long range power setup. In my last build I had a sunnysky 2216 1250kv motor spinning a 9x4.5 inch prop powered by a 3200mah 4s. This setup did get me around 20 minutes of flight...
  5. A

    Help! Multi rotor competition help

    Hello my name is Andres, I am building a quad copter that will weigh at most 5 pounds. It will need to fly a long way ( not sure but a mile? maybe more), but I am looking for efficient motors with a low amperage take so that the battery will last longer. I was planning to use a 2300Kv...
  6. S

    Offer For Sale - Used power Pack A motors/escs 6 sets.

    These are used, tested, sets of Power pack A motor/esc. what you see is what will be included. I have 6 sets available. Each set will include 1 motor (MT1806), 1 esc (12a), and 4 props that coordinate with the direction of the motor. Addl props sets (2cw,2ccw) available as well. Please...
  7. M

    Motros not spinning in Cleanflight - help please :)

    Motors not spinning in Cleanflight - help please :) Hi all, sorry i am new here but hoping you can help. I am attempting to build my first drone and have a battery connected to a power distribution board of which i have all my ESC's connected to and then from there i have my Naze32 flight...
  8. kpixels

    Quadcopter, Unable To Calibrate ESCs In Latest CleanFlight

    It's an Illuminati FC with built-in OSD and flashed with the latest Naze32 CleanFlight. On quadcopter everything else works fine in CleanFlight and it flies great. When I go to the motors page in CleanFlight I can click the button that I have removed the props, input via the GUI and my radio...
  9. F

    I want in:) drone parts, transmitter, googles Help!

    Im kinda new to the drone scene I had a couple a few years ago and had to sell everything because I lost my job and needed to pay those damn bills! Lol this year Im trying to get back into it. I just bought the Blade Inductrix FVP and I love it. money is of course tight but I did build my first...
  10. F

    Looking for parts to build a drone, transmitter, googles

    Im kinda new to the drone scene I had a couple a few years ago and had to sell everything because I lost my job and needed to pay those damn bills! Lol this year Im trying to get back into it. I just bought the Blade Inductrix FVP and I love it. money is of course tight but I did build my first...
  11. F

    Total noob. Help me!!?

    I'm pretty new at building. I fried my brand new Holybro Kakute FC because I'm using a horrible soldering iron and no flux. My motors are are trash too. I just gave them to a friend. Botgrinder has been giving me advice and helping me with betaflight but I can't keep my quad in the air because...
  12. Q

    The drone of a Drone

    Hey everyone, I am fairly new to drones & quad copters.. I started flying Mini 3 and 4 channel RC Heli's around my office a couple years ago. The batteries all died and they stopped working. After about a year the itch came back when I saw one of Steel's FPV Acro videos. My first venture...
  13. T

    Could I get some motors and esc’s to finish a build

    I was wondering if anyone had some old emax red bottoms laying around that I could use (2300kv version). And some emax 30 amp bullet bl-heli esc’s to finish a build (they are the last things I need). I ordered a bundle like this off of gear best and it has been 7 weeks and I’m starting to think...
  14. T

    Naze32 motors wont sync when flying | I need help really bad

    Hi everyone i have been trying to setup my naze32 for the past week. The motors spin up fine from cleanflight but when i try to use my Transmitter it the motors go all out of sync. Here is a video of my problem. this is not my video but its the same...
  15. H


    Hello, I'm building a Hexacopter and bought a set of 6 motors. The motors came with prop adapters, but I need to get 3 CCW adapters. The problem is I have no idea how to buy prop adapters. Thanks in advance! Motor...
  16. C

    The rotors (tops) keep coming off of my motors

    I have a racing quad with br2205 2300kv motors. It's happened to two of the motors now, the circlips I think they're called that hold the top part of the motor on have came off in a crash or hard landing and in later flights the rotors come off when I hit the ground because that piece is...
  17. M

    330 flamewheel with landing gear needs motors and esc's.

    Hey everyone, I need some recommendations for the motors and Esc's to put on my new 330mm flamewheel frame with landing gear. I've only used 2205 2300kv motors in the past on my 220 and 280 quad and they work very well. I just wonder if they would provide enough lift for this model. it seems...
  18. KMechie

    For Sale: SunnySky X2212-13 980KV & VeloTech 30A ESC

    Looking to sell four motors and four ESCs. Would be great for someone looking to build a larger quad, multi-engine fixed wing, a bunch of single-engine fixed wings, or some really crazy desk fans. Motors are: SunnySky X2212-13 980KV
  19. J

    My Motors Don't Spin in Sync When I Throttle up

    Hi Guys, I'm having a problem with my motors where they don't spin up at the same time and don't spin in sync either. I'm have the RTF JJRC JJPRO P200 Quad and it has EMAX 20A Lighning ESCs and a EMAX Skyline 32 fc. I flashed the ESCs and FC with the most recent firmware and calibrated the...
  20. F

    Hello and quick question

    Hello all, first post here. Been looking around a lot and would like to do a scratch build of the FT Spear. Question: I have a Emax 1470kv motor and some 8X4 props. Can these be used with the Spear? Thanks for any feedback or opinions. Hope to most more around here as I get some projects going.