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HELP for my first flight


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Folks, I just got my first plane the Bixler RTF, after putting it together and charging the stock batery using the stock charger, I conect it and the ESC doesn´t beep, a red led blinks in the rx and I try to do the rx tx binding and it doesn´t work, I´d really appreciate your help since I have no idea what to do.


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First, do you know if the receiver is bound to the TX? a blinking light would suggest that the receiver has not yet been bound to the TX. Did you get the RTF package?

Also a picture or video on your electronics setup would be helpful, preferably a video.

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As said above if you can post what electronics you are working with it would help in troubleshooting as different tx brands bind differently.

Just as a quick tip I usually use a Nimh Rx pack from a nitro plane when binding a new rx if I can. I just hook a servo into a channel and bind to make sure the Rx works before taking time and effort to wire everything in and setup. You can also use a cheap hk ubec and a lipo if you don't have a Nimh pack.


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Hello panyflx-
I think we discussed this in another thread.
Did you get your problem resolved?
Can you post the link to the youtube video that you used to resolve your issue?