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Help! - Forgotten Motor Mount for FT Spitfire

Hey Everyone,

So I decided to support the Flitetest guys and buy a Spitfire SBK. In my haste to buy all the components I needed from Hobbyking I forgot the accessories pack that is separate from the NTM 28-26 motor. So today all my stuff arrived and when I went to put my powerpod together I realized my mistake. Basically, I'm wondering where I can get another motor mount that will work, or some way to jury rig a way to mount it. To order it from Hobbyking would take 3-4 weeks and Express is 30$ for a 2$ part. If anyone knows somewhere in North America I could get a similar mount shipped express to get it fairly quick I would be very grateful.

P.S. Would a Park 370 Motor Mount work?

-The Numberfly
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Another ? You need to ask yourself is "did I get the prop adapter?" Because I now some of hobbykings accessorie packs include the motor mount and prop adapter so if you didn't get one did you get the other?
Well, Damn.. lol
I wasn't quite to that point and yes, It seems I need that too, however, I can probably get an adapter from someone I know, but I really don't think he has any motor mounts lying around..
I'm looking into making one myself, we'll see how that goes..

- TheNumberfly