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HELP!.. Hobbyking order question.. and shipping question

Hey guys... So I placed my order for the FT3D from FliteTest. Then I proceeded to Hobby King so I could order the servos, ESC and since I am new to "electric RC" I was going to order a bunch of Lipo's, battery charger and power supply.

I created a new account on Hobby King and filled up my shopping cart. When I was ready to pay I started the checkout process but then something went wrong. I want to pay with American Express and during checkout they give you two options. "1 = Visa or Master Card" and "2 = Paypal or Credit Card (Amex / Visa / Mastercard)".

I chose option 2 since I want to use American Express and all of a sudden I was taken to a page that said my order was complete. I never input my American Express. So I assumed that the website had a glitch and I went back to my shopping cart to start over. Now my shopping cart is empty and I received an email from Hobby King with my order number. It says they will send a separate email with the payment confirmation.

Can someone with experience ordering from Hobby King explain the order process to me? Will they send me a separate email with payment instructions? Or is my order just messed up and I need to start over?

Also, can anyone confirm that they do accept American Express?

Last but not least, I wanted to ask if you guys prefer shipping via "Sing Post" or Swiss Post". I am in the USA. Florida to be exact...

Thanks guys... Rock on!
Jose (fretsman)

The order issue was corrected. I went back into my account and now the order shows in there as well, where earlier it did not. It also shows that payment was not made and it gives me the option to make payment.

I also see now that I can use American Express via my PayPal account. No issue there.

The only question now is what to use for shipping. Sing Post or Swiss Post.

Anyone have a first hand knowledge from past experience? I found some old (back from 2010) forum posts claiming that Swiss Post was very slow but on the Hobby King website they are cheaper and also according to "shipping time" they look faster than Sing Post as well.


Swiss Post is slow for me, and I've never been able to track orders through them.
Thanks for the reply aiidanwings. Not being able to track orders = bad. I found a few more bad reviews of Swiss Post but they are also kind of old. About a year or so.

Not looking good for Swiss right now. I will wait a little longer before pulling the trigger on my order to see if anyone else posts a comment. My trigger finger is itchy though.. lol... Can wait to get the FT3D in the air.

I decided to do all of this a bit different and avoid the international shipping all together. I think my shipping cost will still come out about the same and I don't have to wait three plus weeks to get all my new toys... LOL

I canceled my first order on Hobby King and made a new shopping cart with all the items they had available in the USA Warehouse only. I was lucky to find the Turnigy ESC and the Nano Tech 1800mah Lipo's I need for the FT3D. I also picked up KK2.0 Flight Controller for a quad I am going to build but that's another thread...

Everything thing else I need for the FT3D I got from the places recommended by FliteTest in the store. Then for my charger and power supply I found a place called Progressive RC.

Thanks for the replies everyone!

Rock ON!