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Help : I Would like to Learn and understand fpv & telemetry fully.

Jnr Kuzi

Senior Member
Hello Fellow Model aircraft flight Fans (MAFFs).

as we all know, fpv flying is slowy taking over Classic flying, which is good because it makes the expirience feel even realler (if thats a word.lol) for the pilot.

Once i start flying & building planes, i would like to advance, but most of you know Me as the guy who does his research fully.

All i know about fpv is - connect go pro to battery,wear googles & fly.

Can someone please teach us exactly how to get started in fpv.

Please use the guide lines below. so we can easily understand.

01. what materials do we Need that are Necessary. E.g. Cameras, batteries e.t.c

02. How to connect & program/configure the materials.

03. How to get the Best expirience.

04. Extras, what can we buy later on to improve.

05. How to maintain the Fpv Gear.