Help! Help me find my motor!


Toothpick glider kid
Okay so here’s the rundown... I took my Turnigy SK3 5045 500kv motor and 80amp red brick esc to flite fest planning on using it in a big build. I was busy organizing the veterans airshow and couldn’t make anything big so I lent it to someone who was building a big foam board wing that they built heavy for combat. I told them they could give it back on Sunday morning. The only issue is that I had a change of plans on Saturday night to leave early which meant that I couldn’t be there Sunday morning and I had to rush to pack everything up. Long story short the person who had the motor didn’t want to leave it out on a build table and took it home. (They live about 20min from FF) I being in a rush didn’t get their friends phone number that night and obviously haven’t heard anything since. I am not blaming them because it’s not their fault. I just want my motor and esc back if you know anything that can help me please send me a pm.