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Help needed with 20 foot wingspan plane

Ok, I think I may have bitten off more than can I chew with this "brainstorm." I clearly dont have the experience needed to be doing this but I dont want to give up on it due to the amount of progress that I do have done.

A while ago, I decided that I was going to scratch build an rc plane with a 20' wingspan. This plane will be made from Dollar Tree foamboard (double walled for rigidity). I have the fuselage pretty much done and I have the wing sections built but not completed because I want to run the servo wires and such inside the wing...of course.

Thus far, I have the wing built. It has a true airfoil, with inner ribs, equalling 20 feet long. My fuselage is currently 78" long but this may change later on to adjust the CG. My fuselage and wing, right now, weigh in at 9lbs 7ounces (4280 grams). I am looking for some help choosing a motor/prop/esc/battery combination. I'd like to run this plane on 3cell or 6 cell lipo's because that is what I use on my other planes and heli's.

Tony is probably gonna have a fit when he reads this post because I'm haunting him, again, with my ambitious inexperience. I've watched the video that he did using his Edge plane, "Matching Motor, ESC, & Battery", and it helps but I think I'm needing more input.

I'd really like to take my questions to the guys at my local hobby shop, only two miles away from me, but they are only interested in "making the sale" and they aren't real friendly to "scratch builders." It's pathetic!!!

I do have some videos on Youtube showing some of the build that I've done so far. If those would help, how can I post a link or URL so that you can see them? Or, maybe I need to make a short video of what I do have done and what I'm looking for. Some of my build videos were rather long due to the fact that I have a habit of "rambling on."

Anyway...I'm rambling on, lol. What can I do to help you help me?

Thanks in advance!!!



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Your post only had one question, and it didn't really say what you were after. Maybe add some photos or video or a few questions for us to help you with. Help us help you help us to help you.


I missed your original post. A 20' wingspan - WOW!

Please post up some pics of the construction so far. You planning on fpv flying from a seat in the plane? ;)

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But,these might fit your need
You can either wire a 3 cell and a 6 cell together to form a 9 cell, so long as they are the same Mah, and c rating, or buy a ten cell, 4500 Mah battery.
Xt-90's or above are recommended. Also I recommend at least 4mm bullet connectors on the motor.
I don't know a ton about this, but I have a friend who builds them all the time, so I can ask.
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