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Help with H-quad


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Going to do the non testosterone thing today and ask for direction....:black_eyed:

I have built the H-Quad to spec and have the following gear:

HK KK2 control board (flashed to 1.4 version firm ware)
DT750 motors and appropriate props
Plush 25 esc's
HK 9x radio with er9x programming

Everything seems to be working as it should but for the life of me, I just can't fly the darn thing.
It is too sensitive to the controls, to the point that I am unable to hoover move than 20 seconds without having to set it down.
I have tried to program the board to lower the stick sensitivity.
I have tried to program the radio to reduce rates and expo.

Anyone out there willing to let me know what your settings are?
I have tried every google suggestion out there and although it helps somewhat, it is still not possible to hoover for any length of time.

I have set and re-set the esc's and am confident that is not the problem.
Balanced and re balanced.



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How is your board mounted. I always mount mine on the 3M foam tape. 3 places about 6 layers thick. When I did not I could not get a craft to fly more than a half minute or so before the errors built up to an out of control situation.

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Board has been mounted to the foam container it was shipped in, then I used two strips of velcro to attach that to a tupperware lid that is mounted to the quad.
This is offering, what I thought, was sufficient dampening from vibration.
I have noticed on store bought quads, that the boards are hard mounted and they seem to be fine.
With everything set at "factory" levels, it reacts too quickly.
I can reduce the sticks (expo and rates) on the radio but then it reacts too slowly and I end up trying to over compensate by wild movements of the controls.
There seems to be no happen medium.
I am curious as to how errors can build up in the sensors?


Rotor Riot!
With everything set at "factory" levels, it reacts too quickly.
I can reduce the sticks (expo and rates) on the radio but then it reacts too slowly and I end up trying to over compensate by wild movements of the controls.
Have you tried adjusting the gyro gains?
PaulT....as I am fairly new here and you being a site moderator I shall tread carefully here but have a stupid question ask as I know nothing about you. Is this your first quad? Yes I know stupid question....piss off the moderator....way to go lonewolf! I am making the assumption multirotors are nothing new for you....but just dont know. As stated above i gave quads/helis a shot some time ago.....my brain just does not function in manner conducive to "successful" rotor flight lol. Sorry if i offend but the question did beg to be asked as i know nothing about your background.

Brian fred carr

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Re flash the board to 1.5 Firmware A.S.A.P the auto level is finally sorted out and really aids flying.....check out my tube channel (tamz2) and the H.A.L maiden video that was first flight with the auto level
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thats called SLOW ESCS !!

a friend of mine got those Plush 25a he had to put the Pg and Ig pretty low to be able to fly.

his setup is close to 30 on Pg and 15 on Ig; maybe even lower than that !!

it will solve instantly if you upgrade to simonk escs


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Well first off..
I have absolutely zero experience with quads, tri's or what have you.. none...zip..zilch..
You'll have to do a great deal to offend me..:cool:

Brian fred carr :
I thought that 1.5 was only if you wanted to mount a camera gimbal?

colorex :
I have followed this guide and many more..

KKArioKA :
This makes the most sense to me so far...as I have tried p and i gains in that range without the desired results.

I was hoping that the Plush 25's would be fast enough...guess not.

Time to first reflash to 1.5 on the board and then look at reflashing the esc's...

Thanks for all the input...I'll get this darned thing flying if it takes all winter!!!!


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And after researching some more... the turnigy plush 25 cannot be reflashed!
Looks like I will have to source some SimonK 25 esc's now.
Oh, bother...

Brian fred carr

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If you can afford them these work great


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I found a source for these BFC in Canada


At $19.00 each and $14.00 for shipping .... mmm....
I know that RCTimer has them for around $12.00 plus free shipping but I am not sure they are flashed with the current/recent firmware....which I suspect I need since I am running the Dt750 motors.
The older (pre dec 2012) version of SimonK had issues with pancake motors which I think DT750's might qualify as.?.?

Still looking and sending emails.
I haven't reflashed to 1.5 yet on the KK2 as I do think that 1.5 is exactly them same without camera stabilization.
And 1.5 has removed the debug feature too.

just talked to my friend who have those 25a Plush

he cant take it out of the ground with Pgain at 30 either; he is using

Pgain= 15

also if its too complicated to get the simonK esc; you can order the Multistar on HK ... it works fine too !!

EDIT: checked at rctimer they have the new firmware updated.
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I am setting everything back to factory settings today and starting at your suggested numbers.
I started originally at the higher numbers ( 30P etc) that was generally arrived at by consensus.
I'll work down from yours.
I also just ordered new SimonK flashed esc's from rctimer ...just because. Thanks for letting me know about Rctimer...they JUST changed their web page that includes the new flashing notice.
i know its obvious but did you checked motor layout ? everytime you re-set to defaults it load the Plus Config, i had this "problem" once ..... had to load motor layout to X again ....

(investigating every possibility)


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Just an update on the progress or at least the narrowing down of my solutions.
Re mounted the fc board by suspending it with rubber bands between stand off posts.
There is no way that the board is getting any vibrations now..I believe...
I think that the gyros are working as they should be but there is a definite delay in signal to the motors.
I have checked this out two ways.
1) Apply throttle to just about hover and apply any stick movement and it will stay in that orientation. IE: just enough to lift the front and relax the sticks but the front stays lifted until the throttle is completely chopped. Then it resets to neutral.
2) At hover speed and holding the quad, I can twist the quad and it does the appropriate responses but it is delayed.

Waiting for the SimonK esc's...sigh...