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Help With Tricopter

Hi, I made a tricopter following David Windestal's design. But instead of using a HobbyKing board like he suggested I used a kk 5.5 blackboard with Tricopter V2.9 XXcontrol KR by Minsoo Kim firmware. I have gotten it to fly, but am still having trouble making it hover and over all control. Would changing to a HobbyKing board make a big difference in performance? I'm trying to decide if I should change boards. Any help would be great. :D
im using the flip 1.5 but i had a yaw problem with the tri spinning wildly which turned out to be a servo reversing problem what issues are u have with it hovering, what is the tri doing that you arnt liking


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Upgrade from the kk5.5 blackboard?

Tremendously so. That's a very old gyro-only board with fairly old and weak gyros. Moving to either a kk2.0 or 2.1.x board will be a big improvement, and a flip or naze board, even more so. The flip or naze boards can fly acceptably well out of the box if the initial setup is right, but are harder to tune (one of the newer Naze roms -- cleanflight -- can auto-tune, but it's not a user friendly function yet).

BTW, Jim, Welcome to the forum!


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I build my first tricopter (a David's v2.5) and made it fly with a KK2.0 v1.2 fw, It flew quite fine just with settings ouf of the box on the FC ;)


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I'm using the flip 1.5 for about 1 year now and it's flying really good. I just lowered the P for the yaw to 4.5 and the yaw rate to 0.3.
Then if your tricopter starts to spin when you try to fly, I'll need to reverse the servo. I even have the Baro/mag and the GPS navi installed on this board and everything works great! Just 15 bucks, totally worth!
Thanks for the help guys. It's flying but it kinda wants to wander around. Don't know if it's cause I'm a newbie or the board or both. I probably will try get one of the newer boards though. Thanks. :D