1. S

    Is anyone still using a tricoper?

    Hi Flite Folks :) I've been out of the hobby for a bit, but am finally in a position to start exploring it again :) My last "main" multirotor was an Electrohub tricopter running on an APM2.6 with Arducopter with a Tough Tilt tail. I know tricopters have all but vanished due to technological...
  2. N

    Help! Need help setting up a tricopter

    I was wondering if anyone here has experience making tricopters and knows how to set up the Matek f405-std flight controller on Betaflight. I've set up the motors and servos in this order: Right motor: S3 Left Motor: S4 Rear Motor: S1 Servo: S2 I think my first mistake is that the Servo should...
  3. Beaver5150

    Scratch Built Front-steering Tricopter: The Stinger

    I'm new here, but Ive been on other forums and in the hobby for over 10 years. This is my 3rd Multi-rotor build in a few months, each one morphing into the next. This one isn't pure scratch, but made from an Eachine tilt rotor 180 frame and parts of a wrecked MSH Mini Protos 450 heli and are...
  4. NickRehm

    Full VTOL F-35 Foamy

    Hi all, Here's my most recent quarantine build while I'm back home with nothing else to do: A full VTOL capable foamy F-35 Specs: Wingspan: 36" Length: 44" Weight: ~900 grams? (haven't weighed since I painted it) Flight controller: teensy 4.0 and mpu6050, custom software Motors: lumenier...
  5. CarolineTyler

    I think I have the tricopter bug....

    At less than £4 per frame I couldn't I bought 2, spares are always useful!!!! :D Caroline
  6. CarolineTyler

    Tricopter build

    Ok, built my first tricopter and tonight it took its first little hops... :eek::eek::eek: Main parts are 3D printed, booms carbon fibre. Micro cc3d as the flight computer. Caroline
  7. kpixels

    How To Crash A Homebuilt Multicopter

    Quadcopters And Tricopters Crash Compilation Crash compilation from several years of building and flying. Watch various quadcopters and tricopterst falling from the sky in crisis.
  8. S

    Electrohub Alternative

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking into building another tricopter or Y6. I wanted to use the Electrohub but it's been discontinued :cry: Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative to the Electrohub? It doesn't need to have an integrated PDB. The shape and ability to the mount the...
  9. W

    First Build Help -Tricopter

    I cannot seem to bind my Taranis to my receiver. I've detailed what I'm doing in the videos below. Hopefully someone can help me out here, as I have no idea...
  10. M

    Tricopter Trouble

    I had a working Tricopter - David's RCExplorer v.3 using Cleanflight Naze 1.12.0. I've been in school and have not had time to work on it until l recently. When I connected it to Cleanflight, it forced me to upgrade to 2.0.2. Now I can't get the front two motors to spin. I can connect them...
  11. C

    Issue with motors not spinning up

    I recently got out my Mini Tricopter from RC Explorer to get that working again. I am using Cleanflight for setup on a Naze32. After installing the new firmware (Triflight 0.7) I went through the steps which I had done several times before. This time when I got to plugging in the battery I...
  12. R

    LONG READ: Dragon Fly w/ KK2.1 HC Programming Issues

    Setup: Flite Test Dragon Fly kit (Electro hub, wooden booms, fasteners, motor mounts, Tough Tilt) Motors: EMAX 2213-935kv (x5) Props: Graupner 10x5x3 (x5) ESC's: Spider 30A Non BEC - SimonK flashed from factory (x5) Flight Controller: KK2.1 HC w/detachable LCD programmer RX: Spektrum...
  13. E

    FPV winter in Holland

    Here is a compilation video of some flights I made over the last two weeks with my tricopter: enjoy! Erwin
  14. O

    Tricopter motors

    I am building a tricopter as per Davids Version 3. My last multi was a 250 class quad, which flew exceptionally well, but was not really the direction I wanted to go. Both David and Josh seem to favor tricopters for photography, so that is where I am going. However, money, as always, is an...
  15. A

    Yes, I am a noob... halp

    Hey guys, Just created my account and trying to figure this out.... Wanting to post a thread on my custom Arduino Tricopter build.... how do I go about doing that?? Thanks Charlie
  16. D

    Autonomous Systems

    Hello! I am a new to the hobby... Kind of. I have done lots of autonomous stuff through my college working with some crazy technologies and planes. I have recently taken an interest into racing quads and tri-copters. just ordered an electrohub to see what i can do with it. But, Mostly I was...
  17. S

    KK2.1 ESC Calibration Problems

    Hey, I'm new to this hobby and I'm building David Windestal's Tricopter 2.6HV for my first multirotor w/ a set of a Turnigy 9x Tx and Rx. When I finished building, I had this problem where the motor to the front right spun up and began throttling up even when I was barely giving any throttle...
  18. C

    Motors for multiple hats

    Hi guys! I am on a really tight budget for projects. I want to build FT planes, and then after that use those same motors to create a tricopter. What motor would be good to create a nice tricopter, but at the same time works for FT planes, like the Guinea Pig,FT-3D,(Kraken maybe?) etc. Is there...
  19. R

    Tricopter frame style

    Hi everyone. I'm building a tricopter, it's really to see if I'm wanting to buy a rexplorer v4 frame, since I have had nothing to do with tricopters yet. I've built some of the rear tilt mechanism, just needs some shaping and bits and pieces before that's done, linkages, standoffs between...
  20. ScreamingChicken

    Tricopter major tail heaviness

    Hi all, Having a bit of trouble figuring out what to do with this Electrohub Tricopter of mine. I've tried mounting the battery at the front horizontally, even added a few small lead sinkers, but it's still tail heavy....rear motor gets much hotter than the front ones. Tips backward on the...